There is an increasing expectation for Australian local governments to engage meaningfully with their communities around a variety of issues.  These expectations come from communities themselves, councillors, staff and increasing legislative requirements.

As a result ‘community engagement’ (also known as public consultation) practice is professionalising. Councils are developing policies and procedures, learning how best to engage their communities (often through trial and error) and some councils even have dedicated community engagement staff and teams.

My research is investigating this phenomenon of community engagement practice and professionalisation in Australian local governments.


Australian Local Government Community Engagement Practice

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Participatory Budgeting

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Austaxpolicy asked us to write a short blog based on this article, the details are:

Christensen,  Helen  &  Grant,  Bligh,  (2017),  Participatory Budgeting: The Next ‘Big Thing’ in Australian Local Government?,  Austaxpolicy: Tax and Transfer Policy Blog,  2 February 2017, Available from:

Professional Ethics

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Book Review

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